Collaboration: Extraordinary Cupcakes in Williamsburg

Cutest little cupcake shop, super funky decor but we loved it. The coffee wasn’t super strong but my GG would have loved it! They even had chocolate and vanilla bases with whatever icing choice for Caym!


Miss Kinsley Grace: Two Weeks Old


This week mommy keeps saying that I have a lot of gas and cry all the time, but I am only telling her that my tummy hurts. I don’t like to sleep and wake up to feed every two hours on the dot. I like to cluster feed and like mommy to breastfeed me when I am feelings sad. I’ve starting to yawn. IMG_5581IMG_5577

Miss Kinsley Grace: One Week Old



Hi! My name is Kinsley Grace and today I am one week old. Mommy can’t believe that it’s already been a week! I like to breastfeed and sleep. When I get upset I like it when mommy sways back and forward while she sings to me. I love sleeping on the couch sitting up on mommy’s chest. My family all likes to make crazy at faces at me and argue over holding me. IMG_5573IMG_5567IMG_5571

The truth to Mommy-hood…

I hate to admit it but this was the reality of the first few months with my sweet girl. Mommy trying to smile and not take it personally while my newborn screamed at me for about 6 hours a day until about a month ago. She had Colic. No mom ever wants to admit that there is something not perfect about their baby but she liked to scream. She would sit up with her daddy every night and scream for a solid two hours while she pulled his beard, and there would be nothing to do to console her. I mean he literally had a patch missing out of his beard from our newborn baby pulling the hair out. I would hide away in the other room trying not to cry myself wondering what was I doing wrong? Did she not like us? Was she in pain? Was there something else besides switching her formula, giving her gas drops, having plenty of floor time (even though she hated it) that I should be doing?

I called the pediatrician about once a week and asked what else should I do but they reassured me that she was growing and would eventually grow out of it. Before I had her, I wanted as many kids as god wanted to grant us with and since then I’ve began to rethink that. Does that make me a bad mom? I would ask my grandparents to take her during the week one day each and ask my mom to take her overnight about two nights a month so I could actually clean and sleep. She was still getting up every two hours and would only let up on the crying if I held and comforted her constantly. My house was a mess! The laundry piled up, dishes were never done and I surely did not have dinner on the table when my husband got home. I would be counting down the minutes until he would get home so I could have long enough to pee and take a shower alone.  I would be dying for a break and as soon as she was with them I would cry because I didn’t want her to feel abandoned by me, but I knew I was doing what was best for me. And if I’m not taking care of myself how on earth am I supposed to take care of a tiny human?

Now she is four months old and she doesn’t scream so much. She may even sit in her bouncer in the kitchen with me long enough for me to unload the dishwasher and reload. I might even be able to get a load of laundry done while she naps, but none of that really matters. The only thing that matters is that my sweet girl is getting taken care of and getting all of the love that I can possibly give her.

When I got a stomach bug, I had to stop breastfeeding because lets face it.. I was dying. And ever since she will not take the boob. I can’t tell you how much I miss her breastfeeding and wish that I had enjoyed her screaming and only being comforted by breastfeeding while it lasted.

Maternity: Chloe and Caymran

I cannot believe how very pregnant I am! Although it hasn’t been the easiest eight months, this stage of motherhood has been such an amazing blessing. Little one has such a personality already. She reacts to mommy and daddy’s voices, loves being awake all night and enjoys kicking into mommy’s left ribcage. We cannot wait to meet you little one!

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can,

Warning: Personal Post


One  Month… Since we arrived home to this amazing country,  one month since I have blogged, since I have really shared. I wanted to take some time to share with you all what the first month  of being home has been like. While it seems like a lifetime ago, it also seems like just yesterday.  Like as I type,  we are walking back into the boat terminal. I remember this sense of silence that came over, as I took the first real breath,  tears of joy, disbelief, and overwhelming exhaustion streamed down, realizing in this moment that this was only the beginning of a very, very, long journey.  In that moment, it was like the world stopped, all so I could take a breath.

Anyways, a month as passed. What do you do after a horrible thing happens? It’s something you hear about on the news but it’s never supposed to happen to you… right? Is that what you are thinking? What would you do the first month after?

We have spent two weekends at electric free cabins, and a weekend apple picking. Here is a look:) They aren’t edited, just my life. I don’t know what is right, but I do know that I adore my support system and have been shown peoples true colors through this. I am striving every day to heal and to become a better me. I hope that I can make new friend while learning from everyone around on this crazy journey, and build an amazing marriage, because so far, I have a rock-star of a husband! I am striving to be open and honest with all about this journey, because too often, we are ashamed about how we feel. If we look around, or talk openly, we would realize that most people can find a way to relate. This isn’t something to be silent about, and if you personally cannot relate, then maybe it is something that you will simply listen, and begin to understand.  Emotions are not shameful, and I hope that you all will follow and support me through my journey.




> Cabin Take One

> Nanny Life with my loves, and  lunch dates!

But First Coffee

Happy Monday Y’all!

Man has this summer been crazy with my move, getting engaged and selling my childhood home( Keep your eye out for one last post of the place I called home for so long!). Just this past week we got the lovely Kim moved into her very first apartment. What are some of your favorite stories from your first apartment?

Next, we will be finishing up her classroom, and of course I will be sharing my forest of lorax trees with you all!


Alexa C. Photography






Thankful & Grateful.

I just had to take a moment and share just how blessed I am!  After a very long two day journey home, you can only imagine how exhausted both myself and my fiance were when we finally arrived home around 3 am on Monday night. The trip to meet his family was fantastic, and they welcomed me in with open arms. It was a whole new experience being on the bayou. I didn’t think that when they warned me that there would be gators in the back yard, that there would literally be gators swimming directly off of the dock in the back yard! I am so thankful to have had time to spend with all of them, and to be a part of whole new family.

Always, the journey home was definitely.. a journey! We kept having car troubles and to be honest with you all, if you could have been big brothering us, you would have thought you were watching a movie! We made the absolute best of it, but were more than thrilled when we arrived home!

I woke up this morning, after sleeping almost all day yesterday to these beautiful flowers, and thought to myself, man I am a lucky girl! But to know just how lucky to have to hear about last night…

Around 10pm last night he came running into the bedroom, popped champagne (waking me up of course!)  only to tell me that it was time to celebrate the car being fixed! See he had been working on it since he had gotten home from work at 6pm and after all of the hell this car had given us, it just had to be celebrated! He told me then, that he had gotten me flowers just because but for some reason I thought I had dreamed it all up. I just had to share with you all how blessed I really do feel.