Kylee Addyson: Four Months

My big girl! How is she four months old already? She loves to be warm, and nurse. She smiles and talks with prompting. She loves to lay and kick her feet and just discovered her hands. We are still co-sleeping mainly because I fall asleep when she is eating, but she loves to sleep in her swing. It’s the perfect thing when she gets fussy. She also loves to smile and talk to Kinsley.


This was shot at Hotel Laurance in Luray, VA

Collaboration: Beilers Donuts in Lancaster, PA

We got to learn how to make donuts from scratch! See how…


It was such a blast and they were delicious!

Kylee Addyson: Two Months

I weigh 9.6 lb and am 22 inches long. I am a great eater, love to breastfeed and love when my sis hugs me. The swing is my favorite place to nap and I really enjoy mobiles. I sound almost identical to Kinsley when she was my age when I cry. I can follow you with my eyes, am starting to make talking noises, and am starting to smile. I stretch all the time and I still keep my legs curled up like a newborn. I sleep so much still, but that’s because I’m growing

Kylee Addyson: Six Weeks


Kylee sure is blossoming! She grew a full pound in the two weeks, has started to slightly smile and will follow you with her eyes now. She will take a bottle but is great at breastfeeding. Kylee loves bathtime and when Sis rocks her in her rock n play. She likes to go in her swing while Kinsley naps. Kylee still sleeps all the time, but sure is a night owl. We love you calm girl!

Have a little faith,


It’s crazy to think about how totally my different my life was three Christmas’ ago.

I had just finished the most demanding and stressful academic year of my life, and was finally a dental professional. I was healing from a nasty break up, working three jobs, and was 6 months into running my business.

My mom had her house on the market, and little did I know that it would be our very last Christmas in my childhood home. After Christmas I took off from working in a dental office after all of that hard work to finish out a few classes using the rest of my scholarship money ( I am still one class away from getting my associates in business administration) I wanted to spend the semester focusing on going through things, getting rid of stuff, organizing stuff, getting prepared to sell the house ( little did I know that we really needed me to take a full semester to do it, who knew you could accumulate so much stuff!!)


Three years later… I am married and have two kids (and a dog and two cats!) We own a house in Fredericksburg, I am still loving running a successful business, and have yet to go back to work. We have been through some extremely challenging times that I never thought I would personally experience, but my marriage is stronger than ever and I am a totally different person for it.

It’s never what I would have expected. If you would have told me my life would look like this three years ago, I would not have believed you, but I’ve had faith through it all that there was a bigger plan for me, that I just didn’t know about. It’s what got me through the times that getting out of bed and making it to the couch was a huge achievement because I was just that sick and broken.

I can’t wait to see what the next three years have to hold, but I have faith that it will be amazing!