I think I can, I think I can, I think I can,

Warning: Personal Post


One  Month… Since we arrived home to this amazing country,  one month since I have blogged, since I have really shared. I wanted to take some time to share with you all what the first month  of being home has been like. While it seems like a lifetime ago, it also seems like just yesterday.  Like as I type,  we are walking back into the boat terminal. I remember this sense of silence that came over, as I took the first real breath,  tears of joy, disbelief, and overwhelming exhaustion streamed down, realizing in this moment that this was only the beginning of a very, very, long journey.  In that moment, it was like the world stopped, all so I could take a breath.

Anyways, a month as passed. What do you do after a horrible thing happens? It’s something you hear about on the news but it’s never supposed to happen to you… right? Is that what you are thinking? What would you do the first month after?

We have spent two weekends at electric free cabins, and a weekend apple picking. Here is a look:) They aren’t edited, just my life. I don’t know what is right, but I do know that I adore my support system and have been shown peoples true colors through this. I am striving every day to heal and to become a better me. I hope that I can make new friend while learning from everyone around on this crazy journey, and build an amazing marriage, because so far, I have a rock-star of a husband! I am striving to be open and honest with all about this journey, because too often, we are ashamed about how we feel. If we look around, or talk openly, we would realize that most people can find a way to relate. This isn’t something to be silent about, and if you personally cannot relate, then maybe it is something that you will simply listen, and begin to understand.  Emotions are not shameful, and I hope that you all will follow and support me through my journey.




> Cabin Take One

> Nanny Life with my loves, and  lunch dates!

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  1. I love you and your sweet heart! Thank you for sharing, and please continue to do so. Healing is crucial and being open is definitely one piece of that process. As always, hugs and prayers!


  2. You said that all so beautifully Chloe! i’m so proud of the way you are handling this all – because if not talked about and left all inside, it can fester and do so much damage. For such a beautiful little lady, you are a strong woman and your husband seems like a real gem. Always keep your positive attitude, love of God in the lead and you will do great things. Lots of love and prayers!! Jan


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