Thankful & Grateful.

I just had to take a moment and share just how blessed I am!  After a very long two day journey home, you can only imagine how exhausted both myself and my fiance were when we finally arrived home around 3 am on Monday night. The trip to meet his family was fantastic, and they welcomed me in with open arms. It was a whole new experience being on the bayou. I didn’t think that when they warned me that there would be gators in the back yard, that there would literally be gators swimming directly off of the dock in the back yard! I am so thankful to have had time to spend with all of them, and to be a part of whole new family.

Always, the journey home was definitely.. a journey! We kept having car troubles and to be honest with you all, if you could have been big brothering us, you would have thought you were watching a movie! We made the absolute best of it, but were more than thrilled when we arrived home!

I woke up this morning, after sleeping almost all day yesterday to these beautiful flowers, and thought to myself, man I am a lucky girl! But to know just how lucky to have to hear about last night…

Around 10pm last night he came running into the bedroom, popped champagne (waking me up of course!)  only to tell me that it was time to celebrate the car being fixed! See he had been working on it since he had gotten home from work at 6pm and after all of the hell this car had given us, it just had to be celebrated! He told me then, that he had gotten me flowers just because but for some reason I thought I had dreamed it all up. I just had to share with you all how blessed I really do feel.






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