Oh Hello Baby Fields.

Y’all, my absolute best friend is going to be a mom in three short weeks. How crazy is that? Words cannot begin to express how important she is to me. Savannah has been there through it all, and our friendship finds ways of amazing me almost every day. See the thing is, she has always lived apart from me. Whether it be a few towns over when we were younger and couldn’t drive, or now states away, we have always been there for each other. No matter the distance, she has always been my person, and very soon she will be peanuts number one person. I am so very excited to watch this next chapter, because let me tell y’all that she has been rocking this pregnancy.

So why her? Why is our friendship so great? Honestly is so very vital, in any healthy relationship. There have been more times than I can count, that she has been the one to say that hard thing that no one else will say. Guess what? That is what makes for such a beautiful relationship. She never lets the little things become big things. As soon as there is a problem, she addresses it and this is a trait that I admire so very much. She is the most loving, nurturing, person I think I may have ever met. I know that she loves me unconditionally, even when she hates me.

She is going to make a rockstar of a mom and I am beyond blessed to get to call her my best fiend. I cannot wait to snuggle Baby Fields, because he may not be here yet, but I already love him! How could I not, with how wonderful his parents are. Oh and Ray? Talk about a good man. He is such a great match for her, and I could never tell him how very thankful I am to know that she is loved and taken care of unconditionally.

Love you all to the moon and back, Can’t wait to meet you Baby Fields!


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We are a Mother-Daughter team servicing the Fredericksburg and Richmond Areas.

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