All about that #NannyLife

Oh my sweet girls! Finding the perfect family to nanny for or to be a date night sitter for can be a bit of a challenge. Living in the Fredericksburg area, we have a ton of military and retired military families, meaning they are always moving. I have been beyond blessed to find my current family that I nanny for, not to mention all of the other amazing families that I sit for on date nights!  There is something so very special about being able to have a home away from home, to become a part of a family. As a nanny, you are the go to person for the parents, someone that they should always be able to trust their children with. I am now a Certified Dental Assistant after one of the most challenging years of my life, and many ask me why is it that I am so passionate about nannying still? I truly love the children that I watch and I know that they love me just as much right back.  Amelia tells me all the time that we are best friends, and are going to be for infinity. (Yes, she is that little and knows the word infinity!)So a few short potty training stories about my love bugs (not just the ones in the pictures)  just to show you how much I must love children.                                                    ( Sorry if this is TMI in advance!)

I am sure that all of the moms out there have plenty of potty training stories, but as a nanny, it’s not the same thing as trying to teach your own child. The very first time I experienced this outside of my family, a mom calls and says that she just needs a break, that potty training is getting the best of her. When I arrive, everything seems totally normal and she decides to take a quick trip to Target and Wegmans (totally normal mom getaway).  So as the time goes on, we are sitting on the potty every fifteen minutes or so and he is in underwear. We have made it through almost three hours and have been beyond successful and I am thinking that I am just blessed. I walk in the kitchen holding his sister to get a snack, and when I turn around, this little man is writing his name on the bookshelf with his pee…. Oh My Goodness! I was shocked, so needless to say we cleaned up the mess and talked about how we only write our names in the potty, not anywhere else.


Story number two, these girls were definitely not the first that I have worked with when it comes to potty training. Miss pretty much decided one day that she was ready, and it happened to be a day that I was there. We put on panties and went to the potty every fifteen minutes to the minute the entire day I was there. Well, she decided that she was going to climb into a cabinet with all of her stuffed animals, I am talking about probably fifty. Can you guess what happened next? Yes! An accident inside of this with all of her animals. That was one of the moments that I realized just how much I loved the girls, and that they was so much reward in getting to be a part of their growth.



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