Sweetheart Session: The Waynes


Kinsley Grace: 18 month check


Sweet girl is 18 Months old! She loves her sister more than anyone else in the world. Sis, Sis is the first thing she says every morning when she gets up, wanting to check up on her. She likes to sit on her potty with her feet in the center. Her baby is her favorite toy, and she loves to play at Meme’s in the playroom independently. She is 29.9 inches long in the 10% and 19.5 lbs in the 10%

Spokesmodels take over Target: Snack Edition



Kylee Addyson: Four Months

My big girl! How is she four months old already? She loves to be warm, and nurse. She smiles and talks with prompting. She loves to lay and kick her feet and just discovered her hands. We are still co-sleeping mainly because I fall asleep when she is eating, but she loves to sleep in her swing. It’s the perfect thing when she gets fussy. She also loves to smile and talk to Kinsley.


This was shot at Hotel Laurance in Luray, VA